Gundam Erebus


The RX-XX-Erebus, also known as the “Hellspawn Gundam” is another advanced prototype model of mobile suit based from the Omega Gundam series. The Omega’s design information was stolen by Zeon spies and was constructed by the Principality of Zeon chief engineers and scientists. Although the Zeon creators could have designed the mobile suit to have the “traditional Zeon look” (i.e. the cyclops eye and metal skirt), the Zeon hierarchy decided to keep the Gundam design in order to mock the Earth Federation forces that they were using their own “weapon of doom” to destroy them.

It is piloted by ????, and like the Omega, this mobile suit has the ability to almost think on its own and was thanks in part to is specialized ZERO-Psycommu systems.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Erebus Gundam’s design is much like the Omega’s design which was based on the average value of specifications of each successive generations of Gundam-type units and updated with state-of-the-art technologies introduced at the time.

There Erebus specializes in stealth and close combat. Its pilot can use the Erebus’ hyper jammers and its “active cloak” system to sneak close to enemy units to catch them unawares. This tactic is usually good for taking out at least one or two enemy units before the rest of them have time to react.

The Erebus Gundam is also able to utilize an advanced ZERO-Psycommu (ZERO is an acronym for Zoning and Emotional Range Omitted) weapons and channel the emotions and mental energies of a suitable Newtype pilot. This computer was also designed with “Perfect Victory” in mind and boasts exceptional abilities to interface with the brain of the pilot thus decreasing the pilot’s reaction time.

However, much like the Omega Gundam, this computer has also has a drawback due to the advanced computations performed by the computer. The pilot can become aware of future outcomes and possible courses of action that can be taken to achieve total victory or total defeat. However, due to this direct brain interface, as the human brain cannot process the raw data, the system will cause the pilot to vividly “hallucinate” the possible paths that the pilot can take; as the pilot tries to figure out what is going on, the system can overload the brain with too many statistics and estimated values, causing temporary insanity. Several Newtype test pilots have gone completely insane due to the prolonged exposure to this ZERO-Psycommu system.


Beam Trident

The Erebus’ primary weapon, the beam trident, is located on the energy pack on the back of the Erebus. It has a higher output than the standard beam saber and the beam’s shape allows for a greater amount of armor penetration ability. The long reach of the weapon gives the mobile suit a considerable advantage in close quarters combat. A hidden feature was also added to this trident by allowing both ends to be activated either one at a time or simultaneously.

Heat Rod

It wouldn’t be a Zeon-related mobile suit if it didn’t have a heat weapon of some sort. This heat rod is a segmented whip-like projected chain housed in Eerebus’ right outer-forearm.

When it is deactivated, it can be used to trip or entangle an opponent. When activated, the material becomes super-heated, allowing it to cut and burn through armor. On a test run, a single swipe with this weapon destroyed up to three retired Zaku II’s.

Beam Saber

Stored on the backpack, this weapon is used as a backup weapon in case its other armaments were used up, lost, or damaged beyond functionality.

Beam Shield

The beam shield is a defensive mechanism to provide better protection in the form of a beam rather than relying on an ally-based shield which tends to be rendered useless over a short period in time during combat.

In addition to its defensive capabilities, the beam shield can also be used as a close-range combat weapon. A beam blade can be emitted from the beam shield after the physical blades at the front split apart. The shield itself can even be launched towards its target. The Beam Shield has a coffin like motif on the exterior.

60mm Vulcan Guns

Twin guns mounted on the head released a weak shell firing weapon used to shoot down incoming missiles and restrict the movement of enemy units.

Special Equipment & Features

Stealth System

This system allows the mobile suit to act as if it is on silent running by creating an invisible energy bubble that muffles any noises inside it. Any movement that it may make that would make a noise is silenced making it very stealthy.

Active Cloak Beam Deflection Barrier

Features four field generators to where the field is strong enough to repel shots from heavy beam weapons. The armor itself, taking the form of wings, is coated with an anti-beam coating but the wings can also be closed over its frame to provide better protection.

Hyper Jammer ECM Suite

The nozzles protruding from the backpack scatter jamming particles which scramble the enemy’s radar and cameras.

ZERO-Psycoframe cockpit

The cockpit is composed of microscopic ZERO-Psycommu receptors that allows the pilot to control the suit as if it is his/her own body. The psycommu receiver is located at the back of the pilot’s headrest.

The ZERO System connects directly with the mind of the pilot, flooding him with combat data and possible outcomes. This overload of data could allow the pilot to achieve total victory, but places great mental and emotional stress on the pilot. Those exposed to the ZERO-Psycommu System can become totally unstable, unable to tell the difference between friend and foe. Victims may even suffer mental breakdown or death.

Like the Omega Gundam, Erebus’s cockpit features various special features and systems to further compliment the ZERO System, such as special displays and controlling systems, including a 3 dimensional radar display. The cockpit also features airmats that are used in case of impact.


The Omega Gundam’s design plans was stolen by a treasonous Federation turncoat (now acting as a spy) by the name of ???? and given the Principality of Zeon’s forces in hopes to even the odds against the Federation Earth Forces. Resulting in the Zeon’s chief scientists and engineers to construct the Erebus Gundam.

This mobile suit was hastily constructed in hopes that it would decimate the Earth Federation’s mobile suit forces. Despite the fact that the ZERO-Psycommu System has driven most of their Newtype test pilots insane, the desperate Zeon hierarchy has decided to push the experimental suit to the battlefield in top secret battles.

Due to the pilots going mad and the suit’s destructive nature, no witnesses tend to survive seeing the suit in physical action, including other Zeon forces. Often, Zeon scientists would have to wait for the pilot to completely collapse from a mental breakdown before retrieving the suit. Due to this, the Zeon leaders have decided to minimize its usage in combat until a suitable pilot can be found for it.

Gundam Erebus

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