Zaku II


The MS-06 Zaku II is a mobile suit line from the Universal Century timeline. It is based upon the earlier MS-05 Zaku I.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The successor to the first fielded mobile suit, the MS-05 Zaku I, the Zaku II improved on everything the previous model offered. It was faster, far more durable, had a better Minovsky Reactor, and could be fitted with far more weapons. The Zaku II was the mainstay of the Zeon military for most of the One Year War. Even after the MS-09 Dom and MS-09R Rick Dom began to replace it on the front lines, the Zaku still remained the most numerous mobile suit in Zeon’s armed forces. As such, the Zaku II formed the backbone of the U.C. 0083 rebels of Operation Stardust and some were even seen as late as U.C. 0088 in both AEUG and Neo Zeon service during the Gryps Conflict and the First Neo Zeon War. The Zaku II was also a common aggressor unit used during training for Earth Federation Forces pilots.


ZMP-50D 120mm Machine Gun

The 120mm machine gun is a standard weapon for Zaku type mobile suits. It is a shell firing gun that does not require energy to be used, however its effectiveness against heavy armor is very limited. The ZMP-50D used a 100-round drum magazine. “ZMP” stands for “Zaku Machine Pistol”.

M-120A1 120mm Machine Gun

Also referred to as a “rifle” by Zeon soldiers, Zeonic was contracted to develop this weapon. Its internal development code is “ZMC38III”. It can switch modes between single-fire and automatic fire. Its low penetration power became evident with the appearance of Federation MS.

MMP-78 Machine Gun

A new model machine gun with enhanced firepower to combat Federation Forces MS. Early type and late type models exist, with differences in the location and mounting of the grip in the latter. “MMP” is an abbreviation for “Mobile Suit Machine Pistol”.

MMP-80 90mm Machine Gun

An alternative to the MMP-78, it is an upgrade of the above weapon. It used 90mm bullets instead of 120mm type, allows for a greater speed of firing and a higher rate of penetration. The machine gun is magazine-fed with 32 rounds per mag.

H&L-SB25K A-P 280mm Bazooka

The 280mm Zaku Bazooka was another standard weapon that could be equipped to a Zaku type mobile suit. The bazooka fired explosive rounds that were quite effective against the armor of Earth Federation mobile suits and battleships. However the bazooka could only be loaded with a single round at a time, thus it had to be used carefully. The bazooka was front loaded which is difficult to do while a mobile suit is changing vectors. The bazooka could be stored on the rear waist armor while spare ammunition could be stored on the side hip armor.

ZIM/M.T-K175C 175mm Recoilless Rifle

The main gun of the HT-01B Magella Attack main battle tank, it is remodeled as an MS artillery weapon. The Top Cannon was mainly used for long distance ground combat and can be loaded with HEAT or APFSDS rounds.

MIP-B6 Cracker Grenade

Identical to those used by infantry, the cracker grenade is an explosive weapons designed to be thrown or launched by the MS and detonate after a set amount of time.

3-tube Missile Pod

Mounted on the legs are two 3-tube missile pods. A quite good weapon against armored enemies.

Hand Grenade

Throwing weapon used an alternative to the Cracker Grenade. These waist mounted grenades can be thrown like regular grenades and set to detonate upon impact with the target or timed to explode after a preset time. They come in multiple variants, allowing them to perform different roles in battle.

Sturm Faust

An explosive weapon with a rocket propelled warhead. It was designed before the beginning of the One Year War as an anti-ship weapon. It can be used both in space and under gravity. Used mainly for anti-ship attacks during the early days of the war the Sturm Faust likely made a good anti-mobile suit weapon during the latter days.

Heat Hawk Type5

An axe-shaped close combat weapon, it uses a super-heated blade to cut through the armor of enemy MS or vehicles. The thermal energy is generated by the power output of the Zaku II’s thermonuclear reactor and relayed through the MS’ hands.

3-Spike Shoulder Armor

Used to protect the joint of the mobile suit, and can also used to ram into the enemy. Some pilots would customize their Zaku, to have two Spiked Shoulders, by having the right shoulder shield replaced.

Ex-T2-2 Beam Bazooka

A weapon originally developed for the Rick Dom. The bazooka has its own internal reactor, rather than an E-cap, and is, essentially, a Musai deck gun scaled down for mobile suit use. Due to using a reactor rather than an E-cap, the bazooka is capable of a single sustained blast or several short bursts, requiring a lengthy recharge period of approximately 10 minutes before it can be used again.

Gatling Shield

The Zaku II can be equipped with the Gouf Custom’s shield that contains a powerful 75mm Gatling gun that was drum-and-belt fed. The Gatling Gun can detach from the shield itself when it runs out of ammunition.

Prototype Large Beam Rifle

A experimental beam weapon developed at Axis after the One Year War, it’s effective firing range is 1.8 times that of a ordinary beam rifle, because it’s powered by it’s own built in generator it can be wielded by Zaku type MS. The generator however only has enough power for five shots.

Knuckle Shield

The knuckle shield is a modified Zaku II shoulder shield that mounts on the left arm. When mounted on the forearm the curve of the armor fits over the mobile suits hand. One of the modifications is the additions of three spikes placed on the plate that rests in front of the hand. These spikes make the knuckle shield an effective bashing weapon.

120mm Assault Rifle

90mm Assault Rifle



The MS-06 Zaku II series was one of the most produced and versatile mobile suits of the One Year War. And even after its performance was surpassed by its successor mobile suits, like the MS-07 Gouf, the MS-09 Dom, and the MS-14 Gelgoog, it would still see wide-scale service both on the front lines and behind the scenes during most of the war.

Zaku II

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